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'We have had so many people comment on the way you sang... It was beautifully done - both modest and powerful - such a clever combination.' Rev. W. M.

'Thank you Bettina. You sung from the heart and beautifully. Everyone loved the music ... and I could tell you meant every word. Bless you.' F. B.

'How wonderful to have you sing at our wedding, you have a beautiful voice.' F. H.

'Thank you very much... lots of people have commented on how much they enjoyed your singing.' M. S.

'Thank you so much for singing Ave Maria at mum's funeral, you were wonderful.' E. M.

'Your singing was beautiful, you have such a lovely voice. Many of my family expressed the same sentiments. I and others also appreciated your eye contact and little smiles, a nice mixture of the serious and the happy - you judged it well.' G. T.

'Thank you so much for everything. Your singing was beautiful.' A & M.

'Bettina thanks for all your help, you've been amazing helping me choose the songs for mum's funeral which are perfect... Your voice is lovely.' C. C.

'Thank you for singing at the service ... you were amazing.' G. W.

'How lovely to have a soloist singing, it made the ceremony so special and memorable.' J. B.

'Thank you for what you did on the day and your care for mum.' J & C.

'You sang beautifully in the chapel, it was perfect.' A. M.

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